Flatlands Hunt

The Claim 1

Dreams of Red & The Beast of Erinon

A shadowy group met in the Tavern of Erinon. None knew the others, but all could feel an unexplained kinship to the others. They shared drinks and stories at their table. After a time they noticed a troubled looking hunter in a corner of the bar and found their way over to offer aid.

He revealed that a string of grisly murders had overtaken the town. The guards were seeking a murderer, but the hunter suspected a beast. He’d seen monstrously deformed hoof prints around the murder sites, and the victims were all mashed to pulp and left to rot.

The band sought out the captain of the town guard and questioned him about the murders. They found that he was offering a bounty for the capture of the murderer, but the bounty was a little small for the danger of a live capture of a murderer. The party asked if he’d raise the bounty, but he said the bounty was set, and that they could either earn it or not.

The party headed back out to the street, and Tyroshi, the Mimm bard, suggested that perhaps they could get the bounty raised by making the threat of the murders feel personal for the captain. He clearly didn’t understand the grief of those who’d lost family members or he wouldn’t offer such a pitiful bounty. The towns people deserved justice, but this captain seemed in no hurry to pursue it.

The party knocked at the door of the captains home a bit later. The captain was still at the guardhouse, but his kindly old housekeeper answered the door. The band politely requested to come in and talk, but the captain’s wife was busy tending the baby, and the housekeeper asked the band to leave.

The party needed in though, so they rushed into the house and closed the door. Once inside, they reduced the housekeeper, wife, infant, and small child they found inside to pulp in a flash. Unfortunately they hadn’t been quite quick enough and the wife had gotten off a scream. The guards were on their way. The towering Fluumim warden broke a hole in the back wall of the home and the party escaped into the woods behind the house. They circled the town to the other side and reentered to see if the captain’s family being attacked had brought the captain to identify with the plight of the townsfolk.

The captain didn’t realize his family had been reduced to pulp by the killer though, and simply thought the house had fallen in on them. The hour grew late though, so the party retired to the inn and rented a room.

As they ascended the stairs the group smelled sky and wood before blacking out. Next they realized they were descending the stairs again and it was morning. They decided that whether the captain was fully concerned about the plight or not, the murders must be stopped. They asked around and discovered that there was only one place in the area that someone or something could be hiding, and that was a small cave system to the east of town that a breed of small grubby men used as a hideout.

The band headed over to investigate the caves, and inside found a fairly large number of men as expected. Man is a lesser being without much by way of manners or intelligence, and attacked the group when they got close. As a result the band wiped out the lot of them and headed deep into the belly of their cave to locate, as they’d suspected, a dark alter at which the men worshiped a corrupted horse beast. The party slew the priest and his worshipers, and butchered their bodies into meat chunks. They then coaxed the beast down from it’s ceiling lair.

The horrific creature was like a horse that had been twisted into a bipedal shape. It’s great body heaved upright, it’s great distended jaws foaming and it’s eyes mad. The creatures arms and legs ended in great hands with great hoof tipped fingers. The beast moved about much like a starving and rabid gorilla.

The band was careful and clever. They soothed the beast and used the meat chunks to lead it back to Erinon and into the town square. The captain of the guard was so grateful that he paid the party the larger bounty they’d requested and begged them to get it out of town. The party then led the beast away through an alley, where they smelled sky and wood, and found themselves heading down the stairs after a good night’s sleep, the town saved from the beast of Erinon.



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