Flatlands Hunt

The Band of En'rir 6

Back in town the group rested and restocked.

The mayor greeted them warmly back to town, and they asked if there was anything they could do to help the town now. The mayor said all was well, but mentioned that an old goblin had been hanging around outside town and making everyone nervous.

Urukiora wandered around outside town until the old goblin was located near the gate of town near dusk. She wore a hood and cloak, but seemed peaceful enough. He questioned her, and noticed that she was terribly burned. She explained that she’d taken a long sought vengeance against an elf that wronged her years ago. She was simply waiting until he happened by in the hopes that she could see the pain in his eyes.

Urukiora thought this was a bit of cruelty, but ultimately harmless. He asked her to move further from the gate though, since she made the villagers uncomfortable. She moved several hundred feet down the road and sat there.

After that, Urukiora examined the book he’d found and found that it contained a hint at what he’d sought. He told the group that with vengeance against the goblins taken for their attack, they should sneak up into the Bone Ring and practice combat against Zombies.

The band agreed and headed north to the sea. They explored until they located a town, which was constructed oddly with tall walls and secure buildings. Everyone in the town seemed tense, and the dock hosted strange boats with very tall sides lacking portholes.

The band got some rooms and looked around for a ship willing to take them all the way over and drop them off on the bone ring. They located a Captain Samus who was willing to take them across for 20 gold. His was a towership, and was slow, but that’s the only sort of ship that could make it through the horror filled waters.

The next morning they headed across the sea to the bone ring, a three day voyage by towership. Once there they wandered a bit until finding an outpost with notes and maps. They decided to head to ruins a bit south of them to seek fortune and battle.

The ruins were home to a crypt with great stone doors. Beyond the doors was darkness and battle, which they threw themselves into completely.



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