Flatlands Hunt

The Band of En'rir 5

Having received word that the camp was occupied, the Band of En’rir headed to seek out the goblins that had devastated Dol’nir.

Once there the band found a Goblin stronghold complete with slaves. They freed the slaves, including a Fluumim who’s family was hostage. The Fluumim joined them in battle and defeated the goblins on the surface, then headed off to free his family. Meanwhile the band headed down into the depths of the goblin stronghold.

Inside, they found themselves in a corridor ending in a door. Urukiora examined the door but missed the trap of golden shears that dropped upon him when he opened the door. He was injured, but lost no time dismantling the trap and taking the gold.

Beyond the door was a room with a great door forward, and two smaller doors located to the left and right. The band followed the sound of laughter into a goblin hall. The hall had an area for sleeping, dining, and research into primitive magics. At the table with some goblins sat a Grue. The band decided to challenge the goblins to drinking games instead of risk fighting the grue and goblins together, and Barliir Swiftarrow quickly found himself unconscious on goblin booze. The goblins offered the band cots to sleep on in what they called the “Corpse room.”

At first the band were uncertain of whether sleeping in the corpse room would be wise, but with one man unconscious and the goblins alert and armed they decided to try it. The room turned out to be an experimental area filled with chained zombies. Cots near the back were comfortably out of reach of the zombies, so the group slept a fitful night before awakening and closely examining the zombies to determine what was being done with them.

The zombies were salty and waterlogged, and some had been cut open. Barliir though located one female zombie with a familiar look. Closer examination revealed her to be his mother. Barliir was enraged and the party destroyed all the zombies, then headed across the hall to demand an explanation. The goblins failed to explain quickly enough, and tempers were lost.

A hard battle was fought then, with all but one goblin being slain, and then the grue being destroyed as well. The remaining goblin, seeing his clan lain to waste, simply drank himself happy and offered himself as a slave to the Band of En’rir.

The band then entered the great doors and found a family of 5 giants. The band were about to attack, but thought better of it and attempted parlay with the giants. The giants turned out to be great simpletons, but were friendly enough to the band that freed them from their goblin captors.

The group then located a door near the back of the giants prison, and realized there was a good chance the giants were meant to protect something within. Urukiora picked the door’s lock and inside the group found a number of books and scrolls and Urukiora browsed them briefly and located a particular looking old red book, which he put away in his pack.

Further back, the group located a mad looking goblin with a red band on his arm. Chains kept snaking out around him, and eventually bound him and drug him to the ceiling. The eye of The Woman in the Red Dress appeared within the chains and kindly asked the group to drown themselves in the sea. The band fought the apparition within the chains and won, retrieving the goblin from within.

The goblin rewarded the band with a sack of gold he’d hidden within his desk, and the band happily took it and asked to review his notes. He agreed, and they examined the notes which were mostly about goblins.

The band searched for any further doors, but found that they’d cleaned out the goblin stronghold quite aptly so they headed back to town.



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