Flatlands Hunt

The Band of En'rir 3

The Dungeon is Breached

Having rested a couple of days in En’rir, the band once again set out towards the goblin camp.

Arriving at the camp, they found it better defended than before. They fought their past the goblins guarding the camp and climbed down the chest entrance into the goblin stronghold. Once inside they found themselves faced with a trapped hallway ending in a door. Sneaking past the trap and opening the door, the group found themselves faced with a large group of salt hardened zombies that the goblins must have scooped out of the north-eastern sea near the The Bone Ring.

After killing the zombies with fire, the party found another door in their room, which led into a hallway containing a make shift prison cell guarded by a number of goblins. At the far end of the hallway was another door. The party defeated the goblins and found a Hriuun diplomat named Gruen Blackpaw prisoner within the cell.



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