Flatlands Hunt

The Band of En'rir 2

An adventure continues

Having rested for about a week, met a charming rouge named Urukiora, and paid Eriss Blackwater to take care of the goblin infant they’d stolen, the band sets back out towards the goblin camp to investigate the underground structure they’d located.

On the way to the goblin camp the group meets with a lot of resistance, including a goblin hunting party waiting for them in the woods, and an ambush waiting for them at the camp. After overcoming the camp’s defenses again, the party is exhausted and rests there in the goblin camp.

In the night, a little goblin girl named Clik’Nalia sneaks into camp to retrieve something she’d evidently left. Bercthun pretends to be another goblin in the darkness and lets her know that the goblins won the battle, and tells her to go to sleep. She obeys, and once she’s asleep Bercthun uses animate rope to have a rope slowly bind her hands and feet. Then he lights the tent on fire.

Awoken by the little girl’s screams, the rest of the party is disgusted. There was no time for that though, as a horde of goblins could be heard in the forest coming to the burning girl’s aide. The party escapes into the darkness of the woods and heads back to town.



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