A minority made up of primarily Hriuuns worship Yrenrah the Black Stag, who instructs them to consume and enjoy all that they can and destroy what they cannot.

This faith is largely viewed as a cult, and is rumored to have been started by rebellious youth who just wanted to oppose tradition. Appealing to some of the darkest and most primal portions of the mind, the faith grew out of control.

The followers of Yrenrah can now be found anywhere there’s a decent population of Hriuuns.


Yrenrah’s teachings can vary some depending upon who you speak to. With no single authority to look to, each branch and member of the faith interprets the teachings and will of Yrenrah a bit differently. They all share a few basics, however.

1. Suffering: The followers of Yrenrah point out that much of life is suffering. They believe that this suffering is usually a result of lack, and encourage followers to take what they can to sate their cravings. If you hunger, kill and eat. When you lust, lie with whores or rape if you have no willing mate. When you are angered, take vengeance.

2. Consumption: The followers of Yrenrah believe in consumption of the living beings and natural resources of the world at as fast a rate as is pleasurable. They’re not a cult of gluttony, but they do not believe in conservation or the sanctity of life.

The faith frowns heavily upon consuming herbivores. This isn’t to say they teach that herbivores are sacred, but rather that their bodies are unclean to eat since they do not eat any flesh. If the only nourishment option is herbivores and the practitioner must eat, then the teachings say that it is only alright to consume the herbivores blood. Slicing them open at the throat and consuming their blood, the follower of Yrenrah must not consume the flesh of a herbivore lest he be infected in spirit.

They’re not above killing and eating intelligent beings, and many of their rituals involve doing exactly that. They teach that killing another being and consuming it’s body parts will grant you some of whatever power it drew from that body part. This means eating the brain of an intelligent being will grant you a temporary increase to intelligence and wisdom. Eating the muscles of a brute will give you strength. Eating the heart of a warrior will give you courage. And so on.

In death, the followers of Yrenrah seek to become a part of Yrenrah by finding their way through the twisted woods of their afterlife to where Yrenrah lives, and offering themselves to him so that he may devour them whole. They teach that Yrenrah himself consumes only intelligent carnivores. Should a being of a herbivore race find their way to him, he will impale them upon his antlers and trample them into the dirt for the trees and plants to eat, which is considered a disgrace.


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