Since the earliest sentient beings woke into the world around -100,000, some have exhibited the ability to manipulate the world by channeling magical energy. Early on it was thought that, like divine energy, magical energy was granted by the beings native to the realm of magic, in the same way divine energy is thought to be granted by the gods existing in the divine realm.

While divine energy’s ability to effect the world was somewhat limited, the overwhelming potential of magical energy among some species was unquestionably stronger. Around -85,000 two races of unthinkable magical power rose to rule the world. One was a race of large one horned horse people who by modern theories should not have been able to use magic at all, and the other were a particularly magically energetic type of pygmy elves. For a period between -85,000 and -78,000 the two races dominated the planet, having each of them a kingdom stretching around the world. Any land not owned by one was owned by another. Eventually, each race wanted more and the ensuing war rocked the world. This was the first mage war. The was was brief, but during the 7 months the war went on, all but a hand full of members from each race were wiped out. The other races of lower magical potential then took that opportunity to wipe the remaining members of those races out, sweeping across their lands in brutal barbaric hordes.

During a period around -34,000 a fear of that war being repeated rose in the minds of the world’s inhabitants, and they joined together to wipe out magic. Thus was the second mage war. The result was a large scale war between those who wanted magic wiped out and those who had or wanted magic. The resulting war saw massive casualties on the anti-magic side. Then the anti-magic faction changed tactics and began quietly burning down libraries and burning any magical writings they could find. By the time what they were doing had been discovered, many of the oldest and greatest spells had been lost, along with a great chunk of magical theory and world history.

The world then entered a kind of magical dark age where most spells were forgotten and most magic was lost to time as the existing wizards could not record sufficient chunks of their knowledge to be passed down before they died to make up for the losses from the second mage war.

Around -10,000 high magic began to once again to creep into the knowledge bases of species around the planet. However, the theory that magical energy was granted by beings from the realm of energy persisted until -6234.

In -6234 it was shown by a Mimm sorcerer named Tobin in a drastically complex experiment and arcane formula that magic eminated from the soul of the user and not from any outside source.

Tobin also explained why magical energy can only be used by those sentient beings of the medium size category or smaller with his creation of the Distribution of Strength Theory. The Distribution of Strength Theory attempts to explain this by stating in essence that a being exists in four worlds at once and that most sentient beings are the same size. Those who appear smaller in the physical world are larger in either the magical energy realm, divine energy realm where the gods are thought to exist, or realm of intellect where the mind exists. Some larger beasts exhibit a natural ability to use magic, to which proponents of The Distribution of Strength Theory simply say that the beast is much smaller in the realm of intellect.

The modes of thought displayed in the theory had been present before, but the theory as a whole had not previously been stated as far as is known.

The Distribution of Strength Theory holds that magic power functions in that the magic part of the being exists in the realm of magical energy, and if the being is large enough in that realm magical energy is perpetually absorbed into their soul. This energy can then be channeled through to any of the other realms, including the physical realm.


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