Uurik the Rightful

The Waiting Dead


A statue stands waiting, hidden from prying eyes. The statue is a vaguely humanoid form, but its face is smooth and featureless and it’s body isn’t jointed quite as one might expect.


Legend tells of an ancient statue found by the first sentient beings to awaken on the planet. It bore an inscription in the very languages of magic itself. Before the first mage war it’s symbols were studied closely and roughly translated. Bearing symbols both arcane and divine, the statue bore the phrase: Here waits Uurik the Rightful until the time of the Final Harvest.

In the horror of the first mage war the statue was said to have been lost, and no one has been able to locate it since. Even the legend of the statue is all but lost to time. Among historians, taking the stories as anything more than fiction is considered career suicide as much as any other wild and unfounded theory. And there is no evidence that the statue is anything more than fiction.

Even if such a statue existed, what it would mean isn’t clearly understood. Even the story invites a confusing sense of dread though, so bards are slow to even tell the tale.

Uurik the Rightful

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