The Council of One


Not much is known to the public of Tobin, aka The Council of One’s early life beyond what he has written in the history books.

The Mimm sorcerer Tobin proved magic energy comes from the soul, and not from gods in -6234. Then in -6212 he realizes the Distribution of Strength Theory. In -6142 Tobin’s body dies, but his soul burns away his flesh and animates his bones. He’s made King of Nimh. In -6052 Tobin absorbs the soul of another great wizard as they die, and the added wisdom and knowledge changes Tobin, factoring into his mind exactly as prominently as that of his origional soul, and erasing his identity as he can no longer remember which of the two beings he was. He knows he’s in Tobin’s body, but the minds are completely merged and inseparable. To resolve the identity crisis, he simply declares himself the Council of One and abandons both origional identities, considering himself a pool into which both buckets have been poured.

In -5924 The Council of One begins watching for other great mages, and absorbing them into itself upon their deaths. Ever growing in power, wisdom, and experience The Council of One is loved and feared in Nimh and the lands beyond.

Fear of The Council of One’s power leads to an attack in -5534 by a joint force of Nazines and Ragns. The Council of One humors the army and “battles” wearily for hours before one of them lands a solid but unfortunate blow that places a small crack in The Council of One’s pelvis, leading to an instant of rage in which The Council of One obliterates 50,000 soldiers before being overcome by horror at what it had done. The remaining soldiers stand dumbstruck, and the Council of One collapses into it’s throne in remorse. The Council appologizes to the remaining members of the attack force, and vows never to enter battle on it’s own behalf again, nor to take any offensive actions and to rule passively and act only defensively. He then teleported the attack force members home.

In -5335, an army of men marches on Nimh and demand that the passive council of one surrender his crown, because he’s a half breed abomination. The Council of One teleports the men home and closes the borders of Nimh with his power, creating a massive dome of force that could be neither walked nor teleported through.

Not until -514 does The Council of One reopen Nimh, at which point he begins negotiations to set up a world council to govern all nations and ensure peace. The idea isn’t popular, so The Council of One began working quietly to improve people’s view of the idea, and helping leaders who supported the idea come to power in almost every nation over the next centuries.

Since that time he’s been ruling Nimh relatively quietly, and advising the World Council.


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