Thren Odinon

A drunk and cowardly goblin


A relatively young and healthy goblin omega male. He’s weak and timid, but makes a good hat rack or pack animal. Has no skills to speak of, combat or otherwise.


Grew up inside a goblin stronghold in northern Hriuun where he never showed any serious initiative or talent. He eventually found himself a grunt who swept the floors and painted the doors. He was permitted to eat and drink with the alpha goblins due to a longstanding friendship with the clan chief, but despite his connection to the clan chief Thren’s drinking and cowardice prevented him from moving up in the clan.

Eventually a band of adventurers attacked the clan and wiped everyone out. Thren hid behind the table and tried to drink himself unconscious so that his death wouldn’t hurt. When the adventurers finished off the other goblins before he was unconscious however, they spared him. He then followed them as a servant.

He followed them north to The Bone Ring. He hated being in that dangerous area, and when Urukiora left the band in the night after a heated fight to return and find a new party to help him search the Bone Ring, Thren followed him away gladly.

Thren Odinon

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