Gruen Blackpaw

A Wealthy Hriuun


A strong young Hriuun diplomat who represents his people in the World Council.


Born in Nixia before it’s fall, Gruen was raised around members of many different races. He learned to read people and talk to those of many races and learned to speak fluently in a multitude of languages.

Gruen attended school in Nixia and did very well. Soon he’d earned several high level degrees from a Nixian University, and drawn the attention of the Nixian government. He took a position in the Nixian court where he worked for 4 years. Soon though the need for a new diplomat came to Hriiun. Not many of the citizens were qualified though, and Gruen volunteer to take the seat until a suitable replacement could be found.

The Hriiun government cautiously agreed to the arrangement, and shortly found that Gruen was more than up to the task. As a result they offered him the position in a permanent capacity, which he gladly accepted.

Today Gruen still represents Nixia, though he’s begun to grow weary of the constant agreement and consensus. He’s taken to adventuring in his time off; a pastime that he’s laughably unqualified for. Due to his influence and position though, those in the know are afraid to tell him so.

Gruen Blackpaw

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