A little goblin girl


Clik’Nalia was born to a pair of hunters living with a clan of around 15 in the northern forests of Hriiun.

Her parents where some of the clan’s strongest hunters, and brought in much of the food. Unfortunately while they were out hunting a few months after Nalia’s fourth birthday, they were ambushed by Hriuun during a hunt, and were killed.

Without them, the tribe didn’t have enough food and many died of starvation. Nalia survived, and was eventually adopted by her uncle. The Uncle adopter her brother as well, and brought them both to live with his clan further north.

Unfortunately, only 3 years after losing her parents the camp in which she was staying was raided by the Band of En’rir. The old and weak fled into the forest while the warriors including her brother and uncle stayed in town and fought the invaders.

The goblins hiding in the forest heard nothing for a long time, and soon night fell upon them in the woods. Clik’Nalia couldn’t sleep in to cold forest and crept back into camp to get her blanket and favorite toy. From within a tent in the camp she heard a voice. It sounded strange, but it explained it was her brother but his throat had been wounded and his voice was changed due to the injury. He said he was weak, and needed to rest. He told her to go into her tent and sleep and that in the morning he’d go with her into the forest to get the others.

She was unsettled, but obeyed. She sank into an unsteady sleep. When next she awoke her tent was burning. She struggled to escape but found her hands and feet bound. She screamed in pain as the flames began to devour her flesh, and she could hear elves laughing.

The remaining clan members came to her aid through the darkness, and the Band of En’rir fled quickly. By the time the tent was doused and she was recovered though she was horribly burned all over.

She struggled for life against her burns, and it was a long and painful recovery. It took months before she could open her eyes or move her cheeks enough to chew without screaming. As she recovered, the village elder tried to console her. He didn’t know the names of most of the band’s members, but he did know one of them. He explained that the band probably attacked because Barliir Swiftarrow was with them, and hated goblins. He tried to calm her by letting her know it wasn’t anything personal. In the end though it was only anger that pulled her through her injuries. Anger at everyone, but especially Barliir. Hate consumed her. He hated goblins so much that he’d burn an innocent child in her sleep? And laugh?

Her injuries had left her ever short of breath, so she could not hunt or fight. Her scars left her hideous, and no male would have her as a bride. Her old life and old dreams were ended, so she set out into the world to make her new dreams come true. Dreams of justice.



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