Barliir Swiftarrow

Ranger of Dol'nir, son of Barlowe Stronghammer


Barliir’s parents, Barlowe Stronghammer and his wife lived free in the forests to the far north of Hriiun, hidden away from the Hriuun slave-catchers. With a number of other elves they founded Dol’nir, which started as a refugee camp and grew into something of a refugee settlement with guards and permanent buildings. When the children of slaves were set free in 1013, Dol’nir became one of the first free towns.

Barliir was born to Barlowe Stronghammer while living in Dol’nir.

Barlowe raised Barliir to be a hunter, and always tried to push Barliir to be just a little bit better than he already was. The results was that Barliir had to try very hard for his father’s approval.

On his first hunt, Barliir caught several doe. His father was quite proud, and a strong bond was secured between father and son.

In 1291, last year, a large group of rioting goblins attacked Dol’nir. Barliir was out on a lone hunt when it happened, and returned to find the village burned to the ground. Blood and bodies were everywhere. Most of the bodies were burned or maimed beyond recognition, preventing Barliir from giving almost anyone, his parents included, a proper individual burial. He was forced to bury his fallen kin in graves around a tree into which he carved all of their names.

After that he headed north to a nearby town in search of supplies and assistance. He sought to rip apart every goblin in the world, and knew he wouldn’t be able to do it alone.

Barliir Swiftarrow

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