Andiruu Blackpaw

A Troubled Hriuun


A Hriuun outlaw living in northern Hriiun.


Born in Nixia before it’s fall, Andiruu was raised around members of many different races. He learned to read people and talk to those of many races and learned to speak fluently in a multitude of languages.

Andiruu frequently rebelled against his parents attempts at educating him, and soon he’d earned a criminal record and a number of battle scars from various scuffles and jams he’d been in, and drawn the attention of the Nixian authorities. He spent 3 years in a Nixian prison before breaking out and fleeing to Hriiun.

Andiruu was uncomfortable and unwelcome with the tribes of his own kind, and slunk north into the areas colonized by the ex slaves. There he made his living hunting and taking advantage of anyone who crossed his path.

Andiruu Blackpaw

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